Somewhere, there is someone who is meant for me.
He knows not of me…not yet.
But I know he’s somewhere
And he wishes for me.

Something makes me think we won’t know it at first, my love and I.
But, once we find each other, there will be in the back of our minds a tickle,
and soon we’ll feel the warmth of sunshine in our hearts,
accompanied by an escalating hunger for each other that will have to be fed,
and eventually,
we’ll both know and agree and dive into the glorious ocean together,
ready to be drenched and tumbled by the surf,
laughing at the sublime and horizonless sea of our passion for each other.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’ve already seen him at the grocery store, or stood behind him in a line while waiting for coffee, or walked by him on the sidewalk…oblivious to the universe trying to pull us together.

Somehow, I know I will find him.