I am taking a class at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History tomorrow, taught by Daniella Woolf. It’s inspired by work she did entitled Family Portrait using emotional letters that had been written by her family members. The class is called “Let it Rip.” We are encouraged to bring personal letters to transform.

Instead of letters, I’m bringing printed tweets that were written to be my a former lover. Most are some version of this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 8.06.45 PM

It’s interesting to read them now. At the time, when we were in love with each other, I would look forward to reading these delightful reminders of how beautiful and unique we thought our love was. I would feel warm inside, reading of his professed undying love for me. Unfortunately, he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship with me. Reading his words now, I feel sad that the timing didn’t work and that he let a love like that slip away. But, I’m grateful for getting this great material for art!