A friend of my friend passed away and she posted this on Facebook for him. I don’t know who the author is and have been unsuccessful in finding more online, but I thought this so beautifully expressed how I feel about life that I wanted to keep it, so I’m tucking it away here.

In a slip
The moment skips by
And a life is done

A perfect carved miniature
Added to the infinite mosaic
Each of us destined to join

A beginning
A middle
An end

Born to live
Live to love
Love to create

A whole story
Another story
Unique and universal

This intensity of aliveness
So full of certainty
A sense of the permanent
In the blink of an eye
The most temporary blink
Then it’s done…

Reach out
Reach out and love
Reach out and touch

Feel, confirm
it all is happening
Know through connection
We are here
Flowing water
Vital and fleeting

Speak, kiss, hold, love
Leave your mark
Learn, learn, learn
Teach, teach, teach

Heed your passion
Follow your bliss
Find your voice

Look into another soul
Eyes are the window
And the mirror

Wake up that passion
With the proof
That you and another have connected

Share the fire
Honor the spark
Make the love
Carve the stone

The prescious present
Never returns
Say it now
Do it now
Be it NOW

No regretting the doing
Only what we didn’t
-Mark Ulano